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Trend Alert: White-Hot and Gold

Gold and White Blog-Kitchen ShotThere is a new dynamic color duo on the lighting scene and it is stealing our hearts.  Metallic Gold + White seem to be the latest color power couple and we are noticing it pop up all over the design industry in furniture, accessories, and yes- now lighting.Gold and White Blog-Crystorama Jennings

It is no secret how the color of Gold has crept it’s way back into our homes and become a popular finish choice for 2016 with it’s soft, sexy new vibe.  But now with it’s White-Hot partner in crime- this finish has a whole new attitude.  White has always been a classic hue choice, usually combined with black for a more timeless approach and typically not on the “trendy” list due to it’s safe, non-exciting nature.  But these days, there is a fresh new vibe that is associated with White.  It’s sleek, it’s modern and sophisticated, and it’s clean feeling.  White has always been the neutral that pairs perfectly with any shade, but with it’s new relationship with gold- it has upped it’s game and entered a whole new level of glam.Gold and White Blog-Tech Artic Pendant

Tech Lighting’s Artic Pendant is a great example of the pairing.  It has a sleek, modern edge with a peek-a-boo gold interior that provides the perfect addition of glimmer to this simple-structured piece.  Currey and Company’s Bayou Chandelier takes a more playful approach to the trend with it’s clusters of tumbled sea glass embellishments and a softer gold-leaf finish while Crystorama Lighting embraces boldness combining a strong, graphic, gold frame surrounding crisp white linen in it’s Jennings Gold and White Blog-Currey Bayouhanging pendant.

Whatever you are searching for this year in your design quest, consider incorporating this White Hot trend into your new look.








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