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Solar Energy

Top Ten Solar Energy Facts


  1. Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert the sun’s solar energy into electricity.
  2. All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power.
  3. Solar lights produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects
  4. Solar lights work at night.
  5. Solar lights work even on cloudy days.
  6. The solar panels’ “solar generators” charge long-life batteries, which store the energy until needed, up to 5 days for Sol systems
  7. Solar Power once installed is free!
  8. Solar lights are immune to black outs.
  9. Solar-powered outdoor lighting is virtually maintenance-free
  10. Solar lights provide enhanced security in poorly-lit remote areas


Picture from http://thefrugalgreenishmama.com/2012/07/solar-energy-solution-to-global-warming.html


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