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Pulling it all Together


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Authentic – Bold- Retreat

Here’s the inside scoop on a real project I’m working on in my own home so you can see how “the magic happens.”

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t shy away from color. In fact, I live for it, crave it, need it, wear it and embrace it.  Red is my favorite accent color to use in interiors. Red is sassy, classy, and if you use the right amount it may make your heart sing! I love bold colors, but I like to keep most of my main investment pieces like lighting on the neutral side. I chose blue because of its relation to red on the color wheel and it’s one of my husband’s ideal colors choices as well. Include all parties in the decision making process so that everyone is empowered and represented in some way. Remember your home is a true extension of your soul, who you and your family are, and what you want to become.

Concept Words
Choosing a concept is key to the lighting selection process as well. My three word concept “Authentic-Bold-Retreat” helps to guide my choices throughout the whole process. Anytime you feel lost, just go back to your words. Cozy, formal, open, airy, complex, playful, inviting, glam, serene, or fresh may work for you.

I always start designing a space with an inspiration piece-whether it be a lighting fixture, art, fabric, or artifact of some kind. My rule on the “starter” piece is that it must have at least three colors in it. This way you can easily pull together your look. I find this book helpful when deciding on color schemes. Hint: A textile memo is super handy to use when you are buzzing around town shopping for hardware, furniture, lighting, and accessories. I started with the the Wesley Hall fabric from Traditions. I am in love with my new pillows and get lots of complements on them! The midnight blues go great with reds and red-orange accents in my home. I pulled a slightly more teal blue for the entry for maximum impact. The Artemis Fan in Mahogany and the Arteriors Jarrod Pendant are a nice touches to my eclectic, cozy, global, and bold home. That amazing pendant and fabulous fan will be on order now. I love mixing time periods, styles and materials to create a truly unique space. My home was built in 1910, has traditional elements, and lots of built-in cabinets and large-scale white crown molding throughout. They entry is painted-now onto the wallpaper in the dining and living…

Visual Guides
I like to create a visuals. Before I graduated from the U of M BS Interior Design Program, my former profession was graphic design. I enjoy using Adobe programs to map out my ideas as you see above. Mood boards are a great way to get all your ideas down and force you to edit. Editing, or refining your selections in the design process, is crucial. Because design is a cyclical process, it essentially never ends. So, it’s up the you to find a stopping point. (Or if you need a little help you know where to go…wink wink) Editing doesn’t have to be difficult. Group together photos, clippings, paint chips etc. and keep it in a box or file-whatever works for you. You can bring your dream box, moodboard, or binder into Creative Lighting and we can help you sort out what style lighting works and what doesn’t. I’d love to help you hone and perfect your 3D world starting with your 2D treasures!

See you soon! I’ll keep you updated on the progress…
Karena Monahan
Lighting Consultant, Creative Lighting
karenam@creative-lighitng.com or 651-647-0111 ex 112

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