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Project Spotlight-The Perfect Lamp

AlauraI love it when you find the perfect “thing”…don’t you?  The exact thing-a-ma-jig that you have visualized in your mind and been on a quest to find, then all of a sudden- there it is!

We love it when that “thing” has to do with lighting.  Sometimes you just need that specific lamp to go in a specific place to tie your room together.  One of our talented sales consultant’s, Alaura, helped a customer do just that.

“I recently had a client stop in looking for a pretty specific light fixture,” says Alaura, “The request was a bit challenging because she had a very strict height and width requirement, as well as three very different light fixtures that she loved that all had to look well together in the space.  266792_20_g36My sleuthing skills were on point with this one, as we ended up locating a fantastic Hubbardton Forge piece that was the key to bringing a cohesive look to the room.”

Hubbardton Forge is an American based manufacturer in Vermont and is one of the oldest and largest commercial forges operating today.  They are well respected in the lighting industry for their high quality craftsmanship and exquisite artisan made pieces.  They pride themselves on their craft, and are passionate about the American made product they provide.  To learn more about their story, click here.

“The subtle curve of the hand-forged leaf detail in the lamp chosen accented the delicate crystals from my customer’s existing chandelier,” Laura continues, “The finish was in question on whether it should match some of the current hardware throughout the space, or a previous fixture she had purchased.  I reassured her that keeping the finish in cohesion on the light fixtures was the right move.  In the end she was very satisfied with her purchase and is going to come back to get accent lighting for her living room when she is finished with this project.”

For more information on the product listed, please contact Alaura at: apatrick@creative-lighting.com.

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