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Project Spotlight-Initial Instinct

9226-EBHave you ever had a “first dress” moment when deciding to purchase something?  You know, those moments when you wander into a store looking for a particular item (in this case a dress), and something immediately catches your eye?  You try it on, it fits like a glove and looks great.  You think to yourself, “It shouldn’t have been this easy…” and then end up wandering around the rest of the store aimlessly, forcing yourself to try on at least ten other options- only to end up wandering back to that very first dress that intrigued you?  That, my friends, is what many of us in the retail industry dub as a “first dress moment.”  It has happened to all of us, at one point or another, and is often a great reminder about learning to trust our initial instinct when something just “feels” right.   Recently, lighting consultant Alison found success in helping a client work through one of these moments while trying to provide the right lighting solution for her home.

“My customer was in the process of selling her house and wanted to update her dining room chandelier, kitchen island pendants, and living room fan.  Her house had an open floor plan, so we needed to find a solution that was cohesive,” says Alison, “The first time she came in to the showroom she was really drawn to the popular “orb” shaped light fixtures, but wasn’t completely certain that this was the right design direction for her,  so we explored other options.  She immediately fell in love with this fantastic Emerson fan for her living room which gave us a great starting point for the rest of the home.”cf205ges_11

Alison continues, “Once the fan was checked off of our list, we continued our search for the perfect fixtures for her kitchen and dining room spaces.  Trying to incorporate the industrial, yet modern design elements of the ceiling fan, we came up with a few great contenders for the other locations- but I could tell she wasn’t completely settled with our alternate choices.  She just didn’t exude the type of confidence that I wanted her to have.”  Alison states, “When my customer arrived back at the showroom to finalize her order, I asked her if she wanted to walk around the showroom with me once more- just to see if anything else jumped out at her.  When we rounded the corner and she caught the glimmer of the orb-shaped chandeliers once again, she was immediately drawn to them.  I could tell how much she really liked them, and explained to her why they would be a great solution in her space.  That was it- after that validating second look, she knew that it was perfect, ” said Alison.  A lighting “first dress” moment that serves as a great example of how to trust our initial instincts when selecting for our home.

9225-ebAlison and her customer ended up using the popular Solaris series by Crystorama Lighting, in various sizes.  The simple structure and transitional design of this series allowed for a seamless conjunction with the rest of the home selections.  For more detailed product information on these fixtures, please click here.

For project questions or more information, please contact Alison at: ahanson@creative-lighting.com



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