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Pantone 2015 Home + Interiors Palette: Abstractions

Pantone has released their Home + Interiors 2015 Palettes.    Pantone uses consumer preferences, behaviors and lifestyles to create these fresh, new, relevant palettes.  The rigid rules of the past have given way to a more creative approach to design and coordination within the home.  This collection of color trends will influence the home and interiors marketplace in 2015.  The report features nine key trend palettes, including Style-Setting, Abstractions, Botanicum, Zensations, Urban Jungle, Tinted Medley, Past Traces, Serendipity and Spontaneity.

Pantone Palette: Abstractions

Abstractions unleashes the inner artist, similar to the formulation of abstract art where styling might seem randomly gathered, forming a mosaic of differing shapes and many of them geometric. Colors such as grape and apricot, dahlia red, stonewashed blue, hazel nut brown and vineyard green seem to come from equally disparate places, but when brought together create an artistic whole.  (exceprt from dexiner.com)




This palette includes:
PANTONE 16-1518 Rosette
PANTONE 9-1555 Red Dahlia
PANTONE 19-4342 Seaport
PANTONE 19-4342 Crushed Grape
PANTONE 17-1143 Hazel
PANTONE 14-1120 Apricot Illusion
PANTONE 17-3917 Stonewash

PANTONE 18-0117 Vineyard Green





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