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On Board with LED

It’s no secret, LED is changing the ways of illumination.  The technology is advancing, prices are dropping, and lighting manufacturers have been embracing this wave of change with integration of the new lamping systems directly into their product designs, in lieu of the old “socket and bulb” assembly.  There is much to be excited about with this LED advancement- but we have a few of our favorite new examples of the integration currently hanging on the showroom floor.

LBL LIGHTING- East River Linear Pendant

An architectural dream, this beautiful bridge-like structure by LBL Lighting serves as a piece of hanging modern art.  The bold, angular framework supports both indirect up-light AND direct task down-light lamping systems- which equal a total of 29 watts of LED illumination.  

ELAN- Annette Crystal Pendant

We all love a little bling in our lives, and this crystal pendant from Elan is no exception.  A polished chrome frame and clear, geometric crystals are combined with over 43 watts of LED technology to create an alluring ring of illumination.  This fixture is a feast for the eyes and will surely add elegance to any space it suspends in.


Hubbardton knocks it out of the park again!  Beautiful hand-formed ribbons create visual movement in this stunning LED pendant by Hubbardton Forge.  This suspended lighting sculpture is available in three different finish options, and houses 37 watts of LED lamping within six separate edge-lit guides.  An illuminated work of art, indeed.

KONCEPT- Z Bar Desk Lamps

Koncept has taken task lighting to a wonderful new dimension with their sleek Z-Bar LED desk lamp series.  Flexible positioning, compact sizing and touch and go dimming controls, make this lamp selection stand tall within the crowd.  Offering a wide variety of size, color and light options, the Z-Bar collection is a perfect example of seamless LED integration.   


Not your Mama’s ceiling fan.  The sleek 5 blade design of this 52″ DC motor fan from Minka Aire, offered in 3 different finishes, comes equipped with a 17 watt 3000k dimmable LED light kit, proving that form and function can unite (and move air while doing it)!

Looking Ahead: Vermont Modern and Synchronicity

What’s ahead?  MORE!  More lighting manufacturers are getting on board and integrating their newest product designs with LED systems.  These designs have a sleeker, more sophisticated look, and are able to showcase the artistry within LED innovation with their concealed lamping systems and minimal projections.  Hubbardton Forge is among our favorites, releasing two brand new product lines: Vermont Modern and Synchronicity.  Both lines exude Hubbardton’s exceptional quality and design aesthetic, but with slightly different personalities.  Vermont Modern has an urban edge and is filled with minimalist contemporary designs, integrating LED lamping systems within it’s low profile bodices.  Synchronicity takes glamorous lighting to an entire new level with whimsical creations incorporating artisanal glass and crystal into beautiful LED works of art.  Stay tuned for more updates and product information regarding both of these new lines in upcoming blogs!

Photo Cred: LBL Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Koncept, Minka Aire, Vermont Modern, Synchronicity.



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