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New Year- New Attitude

The month of January brings forth so many fresh ideas and outlooks. It is also a time for the release of the latest product designs in the lighting industry.  With our annual trip to

Lightovation in Dallas, Texas

on the horizon- here are some highly anticipated lighting trends we are anxious to get our eyes on this year!


Global influences in lighting product will be prominent in the design trends of 2017. The influences of people’s travels and cultural experiences are becoming more of an integral part of home design.  This mixture of modern architecture with whimsical ornamentation creates uniquely artistic fixtures that can serve as showstopping centerpieces to any interior space. 


Nature has been and always will be the largest resource for design inspiration.  It comes as no surprise that forecasts are calling for an increase in earthly colors and textures this year. Representations of Fire, Water, Earth and Sky are in high demand as we have progressed in a movement to bring more of our outdoor environments into our everyday indoor living.


Expanding our living spaces to the outdoors is a trend still making waves in the lighting industry. More and more manufacturers are embracing this desire of the consumer by deepening their exterior product offerings to include more largely scaled designs rated to brave the outdoor elements.  Because, if you can have a chandelier on your patio, why not?


Photo Credit: Troy-CSL Lighting, Corbett LightingHudson Valley Lighting, Kichler Lighting.


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