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For the Love of the Lantern

Merchant StreetThe lantern…a lighting trend once embraced by only the most traditional of home designs has been re-invented, re-imagined and has re-emerged as a staple in all areas of home decor and lighting design today.   Simpler than a standard chandelier, a hanging lantern allows you to make a decorative statement in smaller spaces with it’s more structured shaping and “no frills” look.  With so many variations of these available, the most difficult part is deciding on which style to choose-as there are several!  You will see a deep and flavorful mix of classic urn-shaped varieties , geometric boxes, industrial caged fixtures, lampshades, mercury glass….the list goes on and on.  The areas of application and uses are just as endless.  You will commonly see them displayed in foyers and entryways, grouped together over kitchen islands, hanging in living rooms and hallways, and gracing exterior porches and entrances.  The love of the lantern in today’s world of lighting design is real…and it is a love worth sharing.  To embrace your own affection of the lantern, start exploring some of today’s most popular looks here.


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