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What do your lights say about you?

ac10403chAre you sparkly? Shiny? Smooth?  Or maybe earthy, rustic, primitive or urban?  If you are unsure as to how to answer this question, take a look around.  Your house, that is!  The light fixtures you display may have a lot to say about you and your personality.c3810

With the explosion of lighting on the design scene over this past decade, the surplus of styles to select from is vast- turning even the most basic of lighting types and locations (i.e. a closet, a hallway, a laundry room) into a much sought after design opportunity.  

Why not have a glistening glimmer of a chandelier in your closet if you are a fanciful clothing connoisseur? Or how about some industrial caged flush-mounts lighting your hallway if early electric is your thing? lighting-personalityThe smooth polish of a chrome sconce in your master suite can describe a lover of sleek modern design, and some school house era pendants hanging in your kitchen could imply that you have retro flair about you. Yup, your lighting choices can not only describe your overall aesthetic and personality- but are becoming more of a pivotal point in the selection process when designing any home. The right lighting fixtures can turn any idea into a full-fledged complete work of art. Or sparkly fantasy. Or rustic ranch. Well, you get the idea.

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