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Introducing Hilary

We are excited to share the newest addition to the

Creative Lighting sales team…Introducing Hilary!



Starting the beginning of August, Hilary came to our team with 21 years of professional photography and five years of landscape design experience.  She is excited to utilize her expertise and unique perspective on the design side of lighting.

When asked what excites her the most about joining our team, Hilary shared, “I enjoy any project that involves problem solving, especially with clients who are willing to think outside of the box and look at options they might not have considered on their own.  The move towards energy efficiency, sustainability and environmentally friendly options is really exciting.  I am also inspired by the creative vision and level of craftsmanship I see in the world of lighting fixtures.  The combination of science, technology and art drew me to photography and landscape design – this is another step along that path.”

Hilary and her husband Eric live on the bluffs in East Saint Paul with their cat Mia, and dog Rin.  She loves to cook and appreciates the bounty of fresh, local food we have access to here in Minnesota.  “I continue to explore the world through photography, focusing on my neighborhood and nearby parks,” Hilary states, “You can find me on Instagram at hilary.n.bullock, if you’d like to join in on my outdoor adventures.”

Hilary can be reached at hilaryb@creative-lighting.com.

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