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Incandescent Lamps Exempt from New Eefficiency Standards

Did you know the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is designed to implement sweeping changes to energy policies in the United States

What does this mean for you? Basically, the A-style bulbs that many of you use will no longer be produced-starting with the 100 watt incandescent in January 2012 and ending with the phase-out of the 40 watt and 60 watt incandescents in 2014 as they do not meet the new efficiency standards.

There are 22 types of incandescent lamps that are exempt from the new efficiency standards outlined in EISA:

1. Appliance lamps

2. Black light lamps

3. Bug lamps

4. Colored lamps

5. Infrared lamps

6. Left-hand thread lamps

7. Marine lamps

8. Marine’s signal service lamps

9. Mine service lamps

10. Plant light lamps

11. Reflector lamps

12. Rough service lamps

13. Shatter-resistant lamps (including shatter-proof and shatter-protected)

14. Sign service lamps

15. Silver bowl lamps

16. Showcase lamps

17. 3-way incandescent lamps

18. Traffic signal lamps

19. Vibration service lamps

20. G-shape lamps with a diameter of 5” or more

21. T-shape lamps that use no more than 40W or are longer than 10”

22.B, BA, CA, F, G16-1/2, G-25, G-30, M-14, or S lamps of 40W or less



Sources: http://www.bulbs.com/learning/phaseoutexemptions.aspx

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