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Your Fall List of Five

The sweet sound of the school bells have begun to ring. The days are getting shorter, and the evenings a little cooler…yup, it’s that time of year again.  Fall is nearing, which means that the time is ticking to tie up all of those summer to-do lists that fell by the wayside.  Fall is a great time of year for domestic projects, and here are our 5 lighting must haves for your home to try and squeeze in before the snow flies!

83_revere_1185sn_ARTICLE1. Illuminate your exterior– Whether it be a re-vamp on your decorative coach lights, or a full-fledged exterior lighting plan, now is a great time to swap out the old for something eco-friendly, energy efficient, and way more on-trend.  The right decorative fixtures displayed by your front door or your garage can really give your home mega curb appeal and change the entire look of your structure.  Check out Hinkley Lighting’s tips on how to create an exterior master lighting plan that will enhance your home’s look and feel…



2. Find efficiency in fans– With more moderate temps and cooler nights approaching, this is a great time to install a quality ceiling fan in your home.  Ceiling fans help keep the temperature in your home more consistent by creating a steady airflow.  They are great to use on warm days where you don’t quite need the air conditioning running, but appreciate the comfortable breeze a ceiling fan will provide.  In the winter months, they will re-circulate the rising heat to the living space below which, in turn, saves on your heating bills.  Here’s a more detailed description and energy graph from one of our best fan manufacturers, Emerson Fans:


3. Pump up the wattage– Shorter days mean more darkness.  Now is a great time to replace those low wattage bulbs with some brighter and more energy efficient solutions to help you “see the light” during the winter months ahead.   Using an LED alternative bulb can save you money and will consume up to 90% less energy than traditional lamping- and most designs are now available in warm white color temperatures with full dimming capabilities.  View the latest styles, get wattage info, and more information about LED technology here:


Conduit - Troy4. Dramatize your dining– First comes Fall, then comes…Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s!  Get a head start on the hustle bustle of holiday entertaining now, and start thinking about a new fixture over your dining room table.  A new dining room light is a great way to spruce up your space and enhance any family gathering.  The trick of the trade is to select a piece that’s not only the perfect style, but accurately scaled for your space.  Click on the link below to find the right size for you…


5. Get your task lighting on trend–  New jobs, back to school, darker nights- all of these require the use of great task lighting.  Whether it be a light to work under, read by, or study until morning- the right task lamp can be your best friend this time of year.  We have a fantastic selection of task and reading lights currently on display in the Creative Lighting showroom, ranging from traditional and incandescent- to the latest and greatest in modern LED design.  Pop in today, or check out our offerings on our web-site:



Give us a call, visit our on-line store, or head into the showroom to let us help you attack your Fall List of Five!


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