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Project Spotlight- A Lighting Solution Success Story

DavidWhen lighting consultant David Johnson picked up a phone call this past November, he was met with a challenge in providing a bright solution to a light-starved homeowner.  A problem for many, this customer had just moved into a new home and had soon realized that the existing lighting was simply inadequate for her and her husband’s needs.

“When Nancy called Creative Lighting just before Thanksgiving, I quickly learned that she had just moved to town and purchased a home that she loved, but was coming up short in the lighting department,” said David.  “There were several challenges being presented, so we had agreed that an in-home consult was the necessary next step.  Upon arriving to their lovely home and listening to their requests,  I found that there were several areas requiring attention.  Nancy and her husband are both readers and found themselves lacking adequate lighting to read by.  Nancy was also experiencing some sensitivity to the compact fluorescent lamps in the recessed lighting fixtures throughout the home, and there were a couple of key display areas that needed to be highlighted, as they contained a collection of beautiful art and ceramics,” David said.Dixon Lighting 2

Thus, a new lighting plan for the home was created.  This consisted of an LED electrical plan to provide a way to showcase Nancy’s ceramic arts collection and bring some much needed light to a dark entertainment center wall.  David also suggested converting to LED lamps for their recessed lighting to help provide an energy efficient solution for the home, and a brighter and less offensive option for Nancy’s eyes.  David continues, “We also converted one of their recessed can lights to a bright, beautiful LED hanging pendant fixture that has helped create a quaint conversation space.”  The final touches were made by replacing some outdated spot lights with a new, sleeker design equipped with the perfect beam spread needed to highlight more artwork, and updating the stairway and hallway sconces with a much brighter and more efficient LED product that provided double the lumen output that they were used to.

Dixon Lighting 1Overall, David provided his expertise to develop a successful new lighting solution that the homeowners are thrilled with.  “Your help was outstanding,” Nancy exclaimed, “We just love all of our new lights!”

For product details or more information, please contact David at djohnson@creative-lighting.com



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