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Coming Soon- Recessed Lighting Refreshed!

The recessed lighting world is changing- in a big way.  Tech Lighting has paved a new path through uncharted territory with their recent release of an architectural line of LED recessed lighting that is nothing short of breathtaking- and is soon to make a grand entrance on the Creative Lighting showroom floor!  The new ELEMENT-Reflections product line has us “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over the spectacular embossed detailed domes of light. The new designs feature a hidden ring of LED light reflectors within the recessed structure, producing glare-free illumination while highlighting beautiful detailing of an intricately designed interior.  This fusion of interior design and LED technology has redefined the use of recessed lighting at a fundamental level, and breathed new life into the recessed lighting market.

ELEMENT Reflections domes come in 3 different sizes- 5″, 8″ and 12″ diameters- as well as five different design styles: Torus, Bloom, Dune, Fleur, and Skye.  There are also two different ceiling appearance options: FLANGED, for a more traditional appearance, and FLANGELESS, for a more contemporary, seamless finish.

Tech Lighting gives us an up close look at these different finish options in their video below-

With our new display arriving this Summer, we cannot wait to be able to provide you with innovative new solutions to upgrade your current recessed lighting plans from ordinary to extraordinary.  Look for more information to come regarding product availability and showroom installation!

Photo Credit- ELEMENT/Tech Lighting/Generation Brands Companies


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