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The Chain Gang

corbett_lighting_141_45_application_shot_0Chains, Chains, are everywhere!

9506 (1)Ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and chandeliers are all sporting a sassy new adornment these days, and it is not the usual bead or bobble.  Jewelry chain is all the rage this year.  These long, drippy, romantic strands are trending in all types of lighting design and we are more than excited about it’s sudden appearance.  Such a refreshing new take on design details- even the most traditional of chandelier shapes becomes well re-defined when draped with this unconventional material, leaving the eye dazzled and the   mind curious for more.9621

The look can be edgy or soft.  Transitional or contemporary.  Heavy or light.  With several of our manufacturers adopting this trend, the options are becoming plentiful.  Some of my most favorite applications using this material is when other elements are integrated within or hanging from the chain strands themselves.  Glass beads, crystals, and even old fashioned keys have been spotted in some of the most recent lighting fixture designs.  This makes for such a unique and beautiful fixture- a showstopper of all sorts.  Can you picture this in your current space?  I encourage you to take a walk on the wild side and embrace being part of the chain gang.


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