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An Inside Look at Diode LED

Training, training, training.  It is an important part of this business, and our continual product training is what helps to make our Creative Lighting team stand superior within the industry crowd.  We are constantly striving to stay on top of today’s emerging product trends, technologies and advancements, so we can better serve our customers and continually provide them with the best overall lighting experience.
Having recently sent our sales team manager, Kyndra, to Diode LED’s product training center in California, we were eager to hear about her experience and what new information she would bring back to the team.  Being an industry leader in LED product innovation, we knew the trip to Diode would be filled with many enlightening moments (pun intended) to share.  Kyndra gives us insightful feedback from her experience-
“The whole experience was truly amazing.  I learned a lot about their product line and how it all goes together- from correct specification to installation, etc.  The biggest take away I received from the experience is that Diode LED is committed to providing the highest quality product.  They are never in a hurry to be the first to release a particular product design, and will not do so until it’s been thoroughly tested in their onsite research facility.  Everyone I met at Diode was extremely passionate about their product line, very open to hearing feedback on new ideas or ways to improve, and exhibited a clear love for what they do and the product they represent.”

Training Wall at Diode LED

Diode LED offers more than 15 different types of LED tape lighting alone, along with several other LED product offerings including: puck lights, wall washers, display and sign lighting, as well as under-cabinet light bars and accessories.  One of the most extensive pieces of Kyndra’s training involved the actual build of a tape-light system from start to finish, which she talks more about below-
“We rotated through four different stations at which we had to build a tape light system using their click-tight accessories, and had hands on experience with many of their Chromapath channel options.  We also were educated on wiring and controlling DMX and TouchDial WiFi systems for both RGB(W) and single color tape light systems.  We wired up five different types of drivers and tested how well they dimmed with a Lutron C*L dimmer.  It was an amazing and very educational experience that I will never forget.”

RGB Systems- Wiring and Experimentation

Diode LED is America’s largest provider of low-voltage linear lighting solutions and is a preferred choice of designers, architects, and general contractors today.  Watch Kyndra explain more in the video below, and visit our showroom to see this extensive product line in person.  Let us show you how to best utilize tape lighting in your next project!

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