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Adoring Adorne by LeGrand

Hello-Wow-SwitchThere’s a new switch in town and its name is Adorne.

We are thrilled that LeGrand, a leading provider of electrical products and systems, has recently breathed new life into the toggle and decorator switch we have all grown tired of. Not focusing on switches alone, the Adorne collection also includes a new take on outlets — including redesigned square tamper-resistant outlets, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCIs) and USB charging outlets.

In addition,  the Adorne under-cabinet lighting & power system offers an efficient solution to lighting up your counter as well as giving you the ability to plug in all of your favorite mobile devices and sound systems without a single outlet in sight. There is even a cradle for your iPad!FB-64

Possibly one of our favorite new features from Adorne is the Pop-Out™ Outlet.  Simply push on the square face and pop out a three-sided dimensional outlet “box” that allows you to plug in all of your favorite devices and then push it back in for a clean, hidden finish.  Voila!  It’s like a jack-in-the-box for adults.  With a wide assortment of beautiful wall-plate finish options to choose from, their innovative take on switches, outlets and under-cabinet systems is eye-catching Hello-Clever-Outletto say the least.

Hurry in to the showroom to take a peek at our beautiful display.  Sample the switch functions, touch and feel the finish options, and ooh and ahhh over the possibilities of incorporating Adorne-by LeGrand into your home.WallPlate



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