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Accent Lighting

So, where can accent lighting make a difference in your home? These are three key spaces where lighting often needs to be added through accents that are both stylish and practical:



  • The dining room:Whether you’re dressing it up or dressing it down, lighting in the dining room plays a big role. A chandelier might be the crowning glory of the room, but recessed spotlights can add ambient light, while sconces combine decorative flair and a soft glow.

  • The bathroom: Morning after morning and night after night, the whole family takes care of their getting-ready tasks here. Bright light is in high demand, but one fixture generally can’t do it all. Overhead lighting for the shower and tub enhances safety and practicality, while accents angled toward the mirror make grooming much easier.

  • The entry:This is where guests will get their first impression of your home – and you want it to be a good one. Directed recessed lights are practical here, as it’s often where coats, shoes and other personal articles tend to accumulate. A chandelier might be a hazard in a low-ceiling entry, if yours soars, it can fill the space with interest. A side table with lamps can add even more warmth to your welcome.

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