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A Bright Update

Our showroom floor just got a little bit brighter, and more user-friendly!

It is a continual journey of education and research in order to keep up with today’s lighting technology.  With so many advancements in the bulb industry, it can be hard for consumers to weed through the product information to determine which type of light source works best for their space and illumination needs. Our newly installed, custom bulb labs will allow us to better show our customers the differences between all types of lighting sources: LED, Eco-Halogen, Nostalgic Edison, and more!

These beautiful, built-in wooden displays consist of several compartments to showcase different color temperatures (degrees kelvin) of light, with room to place paint swatches as well as counter-top and finish samples within them.  Interested in LED tape lighting, but unsure as to which product offering best suits your environment and new finish selections?  Our trained consultants can easily examine these light differences with you, in a side by side comparison, to help determine what color temperature is best for you.  These custom units are also equipped with multiple screw in socket bases and bulb options to experiment with, for an overall interactive customer experience.

West Wall Showroom Display- In Progress

Customer Service Area Main Display- In Progress

Head into our St. Paul showroom to get an up close look at these wonderful, newly finished displays and let our trained lighting consultants help to show you the best type of product for your illumination needs.


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