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Market Impressions – The new trends in lighting 2014.




Noel Sheldon

This year I had the great honor and pleasure of attending the Dallas Lighting Market with Creative Lighting’s buying team to see all of the new introductions. This was my first time at Market – What an eye opener! Having been a lighting designer and providing advice to clients directly for over 21 years now, I felt that I had a pretty good handle on advising customers on the quality and scale of fixtures within the various lines. Nothing is like seeing them in person, however. I have returned to the showroom with a new found confidence for suggesting everything from style to finish to scale.

Some of the most exciting take away glimpses at Dallas this year were the explosion of textures being used in lighting. Rope, twine, metal screening and various art glass all compete for visual attention. The various lighting houses are also experimenting with mixing metals with some very exciting combinations. My favorite was polished nickel and antique brass used in conjunction on the same fixture. Antique Brass also made a big splash at the show. Simple and elegant were the buzzwords and this old finish made new was a perfect medium.

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