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Fall 2010 Lighting Trends

Art Deco Pendant

What’s hot in lighting for Fall 2010? We have rounded up the best ideas happening in interior design and lighting right now and put them in an easy to read list:

  • Art Deco fixtures – Deco lighting is timeless, going from Victorian to Contemporary interiors. Particularly nice for a bit of warmth in a a black and white decorated room. Deco lighting was plentiful, so there’s plenty affordable pieces in the secondhand market.
  • Environmentally friendly fixtures are in – just like in every aspect of interior decorating, “eco-conscious lighting” is brightening the day for “eco-conscious homeowners”. Dimmer switches help keep energy usage down, as do automated lighting control. LED light fixtures enable longer lamp light along with compact fluorescent bulbs in traditional fixtures. Look for lighting to go more high tech as this trend continues.
  • Larger lighting lingers in design, as great rooms and larger multi-purpose rooms need the big fixtures for scale.
  • Metal bases for table lamps shine with the metallics that are setting the design stage in 2010.
  • Barring a metal base – look for more organics, such as bamboo, cork, wood veneers and even vines to be used in lighting.
  • Lighting is going global with Japanese influences sneaking into fabric styles, look for the trend to continue to lighting as well.

Japanese Influence

Organic Material

Metal Base

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