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Gorgeous Tiffany Glass

Tiffany glass refers to the many and varied types of glass developed and produced from 1878 to 1933 at the Tiffany Studios, by Loius Comfort Tiffany.

In 1865, Tiffany traveled to Europe to the Victoria and Albert Museum. He admired the glass but was convinced he could improve on it. In 1878 his interest turned toward the creation of stained glass. At that time he opened his own studio and glass foundry. Today his designs are found everywhere. They  range from prairie, craftsman. art nouveav, and contemporary.

At one time when you said you had a tiffany it came from his studio. Now it refers to the style of his designs.What they all have in common are the individual hand cut pieces of glass.

How is a tiffany style lamp made?

First: The puzzled must be designed. Then actual pieces have to be designed to create the puzzle.

Second: These pieces once created have to be cut.

Third: The rough edges on each piece have to be smoothed.

Fourth: All copper foil and zinc egdes soldered together one at a time until the entire fixture is done.

This is why all tiffany lamps are so unique and individual. No two are alike. It’s like buying a piece of sculpture that no else owns and worth every penny!!

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