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Update Your Lighting & Still Keep Your Polished Brass Hardware?

Some people in the industry say that the polished brass finish will never go out of style. With that being said, when looking in various showrooms or online, one would be hard pressed to find any fixtures in polished brass.

What do you do when you have polished brass fixtures and hardware throughout your home and want to update?

Currently, bronze and satin nickel finishes dominate the options for finishes in light fixtures and hardware. Depending on budget and how long you plan on living in your home, you can minimize your polished brass by working with the newer finishes that are out there.

Let’s take a bathroom for example, in the past, most of the time the light fixture finish would match the sink faucet hardware. Which in turn, also matched the knobs on the door cabinets, shower and bath hardware and possibly the mirror. You can minimize the polished brass by replacing the light fixture with a finish that matches the colors in your vanity counter top, wall color, and or flooring color. If your bathroom has warm colors in the the three above mentioned areas, a bronze fixture with cream glass may look better. If you have lighter or white colors in your counter, walls, or floor; a satin nickel finish may work better. The mirror frame color could even match your light fixture for a further tie in.

Some bronze finishes have a mixed painted finish look in which multi-colors like brass and copper show through the bronze finish and can pick up those colors within your space.

A finish from Capital Lighting called Winter Gold has a silver/gold mix that could tie in with polished brass hardware.  Kichler Lighting has a Cambridge Bronze finish that’s a mix of antique brass and a bronze finish which makes it a lighter bronze.  Hinkley Lighting has a Brushed Bronze finish or a Brushed Caramel that is a lighter finished brushed brass look.

While polished brass may not be the current trend, by updating with the newer finishes that compliment and work with the brass, you can create an updated look for your home.

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