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What to Consider BEFORE Shopping for Lighting

Before you venture out to buy lighting, it helps to take a few minutes to prepare.  This will help you and your lighting consultant select lighting that will meet your style, function and size requirements.

Before shopping consider the following:

1. What do you use your room for?  For example, is your dining room used only for formal dinners, or is the table used for homework, paying bills, etc?  The use of the room plays a role in the type of lighting you’d want.

2. What are your ceiling heights?  A foyer with an 9′ ceiling can use many fixtures which would be too tall for an 8′ ceiling.  In the dining room, taller ceilings open up many design possibilities.

3. Styles.  Have you seen anything you like?  Are you trying to match a style in the space?  Whether it’s a picture from a magazine or a website, bringing in ideas that you like will help us help you find exactly the right light.

4. Special Installations.  Are there any impediments to what you want to light?  For example, before you can put a light in a bedroom make sure that you have a junction box.  If you have sloped ceilings, or drop ceilings, they can also affect your choice in lighting.

5. Colors.  What colors are you utilizing in the room? Dark colors will require more lighting than lighter colors.  Also, using warm tones (browns and yellows)  may requires one type of lighting, while cool colors (blues and grays) require a different type.

For additional considerations before shopping: CLICK HERE

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