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Selecting Lighting for a New Home or Remodel


Many customers come in, not really knowing where to start when it comes to lighting a new home they are building or doing a large remodel.  Here are some things to consider when starting to think about lighting.


  1. Call a lighting showroom, and set up a time to meet with a consultant. Set aside 2-4 hours for this process, any longer than that and you’ll be feeling drained.

  2. Make sure to bring plans if you have them, any pictures you might have, and an idea of a budget. Keep in mind, if you haven’t shopped for lighting in a long time, prices have changed.

  3. When you come in for the meeting, the consultant will most likely go over your whole plan with you, and make some recommendations of placement and types of lighting for each area, going over details with you.

  4. A list will be made, for all of your lighting needs, and notes.

  5. Usually, you will walk around the showroom and look at different options, and jot down any that you like or could work.

  6. It will be different for every consultant, but usually you will get photocopies or emailed links of all the selections you made, and then you’ll either meet again, or work via email to make all of the final selections. Also, your consultant may want to visit your home to do a walk-through, and talk with your electrician to verify decisions and clarify any questions. The rest of the terms will be discussed at the time of ordering.

Things to Note: You will want to plan the locations before they install all of the junction boxes/wiring. Lighting is the last thing to go in, but you’d want to get it on order at least 2 months prior to your move-in date. Lighting is usually a 2-3 week lead time, but there can be unforeseen backorders. The earlier you can pick out your lighting, the better.

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