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Trend Aware – Going Natural

9078One of my favorite lighting trends you are seeing everywhere is the use of many natural materials in product design.  Rope, twine, cork, burlap, wooden beads, seashells, agate and stone…just to name a few.  Things seem to be heading into a earthy direction lately, and I am loving the interesting combination of materials that this trend is showcasing.

Lighting has evolved immensely in the last decade- not only in forms of new technology and LED integration- but in the way of dynamic design.  If you speak with any professional in this industry, they will tend to agree that the lighting design and selection for a space can make it or break it.  Lighting has become a way to breathe personality and creativity onto a blank slate.  It can give life to an otherwise     ordinary room, and create conversation and interest throughout an interior.

Outer BanksThe use of interesting materials and earthly elements seems to be the latest way our lighting manufacturers are creating these show-stopping pieces.  A chandelier covered in perfectly-placed seashells can WOW in your dining room.  Or, how about some recycled glass pendants in your kitchen, or a burlap covered shade in your bedroom?  There are too many examples and favorite fixtures to count, which means so many options for all of you.  So whatever your current project or lighting need is, consider giving it a natural twist.  These earthy elements may surprise you and give you that extra WOW that your space demands.   Go Natural!




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