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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Decorating with mirrors is a great way to bring style to any room. There are many benefits to decorating with mirrors such as; increasing the brightness in a room and making the room appear larger. They are a decorative item that is very versatile, and can represent any décor style. The true beauty of mirrors is that they can be utilized in every room of your house. Below are some tips to consider with mirrors.

  • Mirrors reflect light and open up dark spaces making them more welcoming.

  • Rectangular wall mirrors are standard and can work easily with any area.

  • A full length mirror is great when you need to see yourself and can also be used to bring interest to a dark corner.

  • Mirrors offer an inexpensive solution to give the illusion of space. 

  • Adding a mirror to a hallway can help break up the long space and add interest.

  • Mirrors are great focal points to any room.

  • Placing mirrors throughout the different space of a house can help flow the décor.

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