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Live a Luminous Life at Home!

Have you ever thought, “I’m having trouble seeing what I am doing,” or “the lighting in this room isn’t quite right?”  If so, you aren’t alone.  The most common lighting complaints revolve around insufficient or unflattering light.  We recommend using an experienced specialist to isolate your lighting challenges and guide you through the placement and selection process. 

Following are some common challenges that you may face:

  • ·         Light sources are not bright enough to provide adequate illumination.
  • ·         There are too few light sources to adequately light the space.
  • ·         Light fixtures may be the wrong design for the room.
  • ·         Light fixtures are incorrectly placed in the room.

The amount of light you need depends on the design of the space as well as the distinct visual requirements of rooms such as a home office, kitchen, bathroom or library.  Remember that it usually takes a combination of several light sources, such as ambient, task and accent lighting to achieve your goals.  The age of the occupants and personal lighting preferences should also be considered.  Once all of these factors are considered, you will be able to select the most effective lighting solution for your home.

Dimmers are also important in any lighting design and will make your lighting selections more versatile.  Depending on a room’s usage, like a dining room table being used for homework or a romantic dinner, you can easily change the light level to accommodate each activity.  Rooms with more than one function also benefit from layering light from different lighting sources such as wall sconces, recess lighting and hanging fixtures.

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