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LIGHT THE NIGHT- The Right Lamps to Combat the Dark Months Ahead

The leaves have started to fall and Halloween is just around the corner, which means one thing in the lighting world…DARKNESS.  In the excitement this crisp seasonal change brings, it also carries a yearn for more light.  The evenings start a little earlier now, lingering into darker morning rises, often reminding us of our areas of shadow in the home- making it harder to curl up with that book, or finish that work deadline on our computers, or even read the paper before the rest of our house has awoken.  More light is imperative this time of year and we are here to help!  Here’s our quick guide on how to best brighten up your space this season with portable lamps.


Use a mix of table and floor lighting!  Floor and table lamps go together like peanut butter and jelly.  We don’t often recommend one without the other.  They provide different layers of illumination and fulfill different needs, but will work harmoniously together to better light your space.  Don’t be intimidated- that large floor lamp will not only add visual interest and definition to your room, but will provide a higher level of lumen output and add an additional layer of ambient lighting that we desperately require this time of year.  These don’t have to “match”, and in fact, we’d prefer they didn’t!  A trendy and structural tripod floor lamp, can pair beautifully with a metal or ceramic table lamp.  A third, and more task-style desk lamp may also be added in a nearby reading area. One suggestion- keep your fabric shade styles similar in shape and color. This will help ease the merge of different pieces into your room for a more seamless and cohesive look.


Consider exactly where your lighting needs are within your room, and what type of lighting will provide the best solution.  Are you desperately in need of better reading or task lighting?  Where is it that you read the most?  Having a small task lamp near the end of the sofa, or beside your favorite chair is a good place to start.  Which portion of your space seems the darkest overall?  Placing a tall floor lamp near the edge of this area will completely transform the room.  One trick?  Use your wall space.  The more surface area the light source has to reflect off of, the farther your light will travel.  That forgotten corner area is often a missed luminary opportunity!


Two (are often) better than one.  Lamps are an opportunity to add something extra to your space.  Not only can using portable lamps in pairs give you double the illumination, it also can add visual interest to your room’s decor.  Think about using two matching floor lamps on either side of a sofa table, or two slim table lamps on top of a buffet.  Applications like this will frame in a focal area of your room, as well as keep it very well lit!


One of the biggest tricks of the trade lies in the type of socket(s) your lamps provide.  Great lighting applications will often include a lamp or two with a multiple socket cluster.  These lamps have the capacity to take two, three, or even four light bulbs, giving you ample lighting opportunity with only one portable structure!  One of our favorite examples of this is the Hardwick floor lamp from House of Troy.  This handsome piece looks as if it is a standard one-bulb floor lamp, but it actually boasts three 75 watt sockets plus one additional 150 watt socket underneath that shade!  Adding lamps such as this into your lighting design provide huge impact, with minimal pieces.

No two lighting applications are ever the same.  Be sure to gather your lighting needs and head into our showroom to receive expert advice on portable illumination!


PHOTO CRED: Uttermost/Revelation, Robert Abbey Lighting


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