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Fall design trend: Wall sconces are the lights you’re looking for

Retailers and home fashion experts say consumers are looking for ways to express personality in their homes this fall, with something that shows an artisan’s touch and adds a little sparkle. Also, as the days get shorter and the nights longer you may find that general lighting just isn’t enough for your hallway, foyer or bathroom. You don’t have to stumble around in an area that lacks the proper amount of lighting. When you’re ready to fill your living space with the right amount of light, consider a wall sconce. These classic fixtures can be both decorative and task oriented and are a perfect accent piece that double as functional art.

Many wall sconces can also complement main lighting sources, like chandeliers and ceiling fixtures, and a good number of them are also reversible and can be mounted for up or down lighting.

There are few places wall sconces cannot be mounted. We could reasonably put these versatile little gems into three different categories:

  • Indoors conventional: Bathroom and hallway fixtures provide a small amount of light for accenting already existing fixtures. Foyer fixtures offer an exemplary complement to ceiling fixtures, like chandeliers or pendants.
  • Indoors unconventional: The American Lighting Association suggests placing sconces on each side of the fireplace to draw attention to that area and provide general lighting. This is a way to use wall scones to create a focal point in your room.
  • Outdoors: While beautifying your property, outdoor wall sconces placed at the front and back porch or by the garage will also make your home’s exterior safer and more secure. In addition, basking in the glow of outdoor wall sconces allows you to enjoy the times you spend outdoors.

Whether you’re planning to install wall sconces along a hallway or in a bathroom or foyer, they should be hung roughly 60 inches from the floor, and spaced no less than six feet apart from each other.

One way in which wall sconces are unique from all other lighting fixtures is in their architectural styles. Corner sconces provide accent light and can showcase a cherished piece of furniture or art. Lighted shelf fixtures offer a small ledge to accommodate a knick-knack, picture frame or any other decorative touch.

Swing arm fixtures are great since the light source itself can be moved to cast light anywhere the swing arm will reach. Wall washers flood a specific area with a soothing array of light, perfect for complementing other fixtures in the room.

Because wall sconces come in so many different styles and can be used for so many different lighting situations the possibilities are virtually endless. The best thing to do is to work with a lighting professional and find the design and lighting solution that speaks to you.

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