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The Element of Surprise

Add the Element of Surprise!

When helping individuals select new lighting for their home, I often end up asking them my favorite question…” where is your element of surprise?” 

There is a vast sea of decorative light fixtures out there that can make home lighting selections a bit daunting, to say the least.  When I see people steering onto the commonly traveled path of same family selection for every room and location, I ask this question because I feel that it is important to add the unexpected.  Meaning, add some element of surprise in a location that is meaningful to you and intriguing to others.  Whether it be the colorful hand-blown glass pendants hanging proudly above your new kitchen island, a trendy barrel shade chandelier hovering your dining room table, or a touch of sparkling crystal in your bedroom- adding the unexpected to your space is a way to steer clear of the “every body else has it” syndrome, leaving your home to be desired by others, and adored by you.

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  • Anne W January 20, 2016, 8:54 am

    I recently acquired a beautiful chandelier and would like to know more about it. Would you have a moment to recommend someone or a great online resource for research? The only identification I have found is a sticker that says Made in Italy. I am happy to share pics if you have time to take a look. Thanks!

  • Tara, Creative Lighting Staff January 25, 2016, 6:30 am

    Hello Anne, thank you for your comment!

    Most light fixtures will not show any sort of make or model number on the fixture itself- which can be frustrating if you are wanting or needing more information on it. I would recommend emailing a few pictures of your chandelier to our customer service department at the showroom. They can then see if they recognize the fixture or manufacturer and try to get you some product information.
    They can be reached at: customerservice@creative-lighting.com.

    Thank you for your inquiry!

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