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Dim Nostalgia- The Bulb Tells All

Which is right for you?  We can help!  As hard as it is to come to terms with, the incandescent bulb has recently been deemed as nostalgic.  Only a brief time after it’s official production ban- the trend on energy efficient lamping solutions shifted a bit and people started falling in love with the warm glow of a little thing called The Nostalgic Edison Bulb.  Some call it vintage, others old-fashioned, but whatever the term- there is one thing that we are certain of, this bulb has reached new heights in popularity over the last 5 years and is continuing to change the lighting design industry today.

42046OZ_1Nostalgic bulbs, or lamps, as referred to by industry professionals, have the look of the original light bulb Edison designed in the early 20th Century, hence their nick-name “Edison lamps”.  While their light output is typically dim due to their large glowing amber filaments and low wattage offerings,  these beauties are not meant to be used in areas needing strong task lighting, but rather in spaces where a dim, ambient type of lighting is appreciated.   At $10-$15 per bulb, you certainly don’t want to hide these gems in fixtures using a frosted glass cover, or put them in a lamp or fixture that isn’t on public display in your home.  These pretty little numbers do their best work when placed in fixtures that are front and center on display, and have clear glass surroundings so that their glowing embers can shine proudly and create that low-light ambiance that has people swooning for more.  Open any design magazine, or take some time to browse through any popular interior design site- you won’t have to look far before you notice the use of this hot lighting trend.  Whether it be in pendant lights above your island, sconces throughout your living room, or in the chandelier hanging above your dining room table- the look is dim and glowing, and these lamps are serving it well.

89668The jury is still out as to how long the Nostalgic Edison Lamp will survive in the energy efficient driven world we all live in today, but there are new LED versions of this bulb that are starting to emerge from some of the industry’s most powerful lamp manufacturers.  With careful design execution, it may be quite possible for all of us to have our cake, (and eat it too), when it comes to holding on to that warm glowing feel that old incandescent lighting provides, while still keeping the efficiency and low wattage consumption that we have all grown to desire with today’s LED technology.

Stop into the showroom today and visit our Nostalgic Bulb Display!  See for yourself what a wonderful difference a little nostalgia can make.

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