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Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Most people only pick out lighting every 15-30 years. Lighting changes a lot in that time span, so there are some common mistakes people make that can be avoided.

  • Under-sized lighting on the exterior of their home, especially next to large garage doors. When you pick out lights, you’re in a store or showroom that is smaller scale than the exterior of your garage is usually. To avoid this, bring in a picture of your home into a lighting showroom so someone can help you with appropriate scale. Just remember that they will always look larger in the store, than they will look on your house.
  • Heights are important.  For fixtures you will be walking under, you’ll want to leave 7’ of clearance from the floor to the fixture.  Over tables, many people hang fixtures to high.  Fixtures should be hung a little above eye level. The general recommendation is 30” between the table and the bottom of the fixture.
  • Wall Sconces and Lamps are underused. When building a home, don’t understimate the nice accent lighting that sconces can create. If you’re doing a remodel, see if you can wire in a couple sconces to flank a large window, or fireplace. Also, if you need extra lighting in a room, but don’t have the ability to hardwire anything, add some floor lamps or table lamps. They make many styles that can add quite a bit of lighting for a room, or just create a nice accent as well.
  • Installing Only Recessed Lighting in a Bedroom. If its a bedroom in your house that will be used primarily for sleeping, only using recessed for general lighting will not be the best way to do that. When you are laying in bed, you will have spotlights to stare up at. These can be very uncomfortable for a place of rest. Its better to use a fan with a center light, or a semi-flush mount in the middle to provide more soft & diffused light along with the recess.  This gives you the option of having soft light or directional light in the room
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