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What’s the big news in kitchens? Designing with light.

Many designers have pointed to creative use of light as a kitchen trend in 2010. People are coupling overhead recess lighting with accent lights to create dramatic effects and interesting design elements in the kitchen.  Right now personal expression is in vogue. Whether it’s highlighting design elements with light, adding custom work spaces, or creating comfortable living spaces within the kitchen, homeowners are making the kitchen their own.

There is a continuing movement toward tapping into one’s inner creativity, finding one’s personal expression.  An easy way to save is by using lighting creatively.  Layering light and adding decorative task or accent lighting in the kitchen is a great way to highlight design features without dishing out the dough.  Since the kitchen is such a busy space it needs to be bright — here are some ways to light it up:

  • Install uplights on the tops of cabinets to highlight a  ceiling.
  • Undercabinet lighting is always a popular way to brighten countertops and light your work spaces.
  • Lights inside a cabinet can showcase cherished collections.
  • Task lighting is an important part of any kitchen design, whether it’s over an island or counter. Installing a hood with built-in lights helps out when cooking at the stove.
  • Don’t forget dimmers when planning a lighting scheme.
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