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Do I really need a Lighting Consultant?

People have many options for purchasing lighting. You can go to big box stores, go to many online sites to do your searching and ordering or visit a local lighting showroom. Choosing to work with a consultant at a lighting showroom can be the most beneficial for you.

When working with a consultant, you are working with someone who works with lighting everyday and it’s their specialty. They have a knack for design, and can provide you with options you may not have thought of. Lighting consultants can help lead you through the lighting selection process by asking the right questions, analyzing your needs and space, helping select the best type of lighting and style for your space, offering you the opportunity to see what you are buying, and by providing you with follow up and local service.

Lighting showrooms carry a wide breadth of vendors so the options are limitless. If you are stumped with a lighting issue, (for instance, a wall sconce the needs to provide a lot of light located at the bottom of the stairs that has a low ceiling height, a narrow width and not much clearance) consultants can give you some options for lighting those spaces. Consultants are also knowledgeable about different bulb options, under-cabinet lighting, custom track/monorail lighting, dimmers and wall switches, and many other lighting options that can make a difference in your home and save you money.

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