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Bath Lighting

It’s the room that gets us ready for the day ahead – and prepares us for a night of sleep. Yes, I am talking about the bath room!

Here are some bathroom lighting design tips to help you with your future bath fixture selections:

Vanity lighting: is the light that is above and on the sides of a mirror. Its job is to create a “dressing room” effect that provides excellent focused light for applying makeup or shaving.

Size does matter: Choosing the right size and measurements will help create a flattering light which fully surrounds the face and avoids shadows. Install a fixture at least 24” wide centered over the mirror and mounted at least 78” from the floor. Then install wall sconces on each side, at least 28” apart and 60” above the floor.

Ceiling fixture: Combined with vanity lights adding a ceiling fixture helps provide great general illumination. The ceiling fixture should be placed in the center of the ceiling and can be flush, semi flush, catchy, or moderate.


Borg Vanity lighting by Alico.


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