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Choose Art Glass Pendants For Your Home

There are so many art glass pendant choices out there nowadays, and many people are using them over their islands, tables, sinks. They are a great way to add a punch of color or pull out the natural color in your granite countertop.

A few things to remember when picking out art glass:

Consider the material the pendants are going over. For instance, if you’re doing a multi-colored glass pendant over your granite, make sure it won’t clash with your granite pattern and color, but rather compliment it.

Take your time, and if you get overwhelmed with choices, take some resources home with you from a lighting store, to think about it.

Scale is very important. Talk to a lighting specialist when choosing a fixtures.  Specialists can help you select the size that is right for your space and the quantity needed based on your island, table or wherever you’re adding pendants.

It is called art glass for a reason- most is hand-blown by an artist. There will be some variations on color and pattern unique to each artisan and peice.  If you’re looking for three exact replicas, you may want a solid color pendant instead of a multi-colored or patterned glass.

Art Glass is not just for contemporary spaces. There are many styles available; from sleek and clean to organic and curvaceous. Try to mimic the styles of your cabinetry, tile, range hood, etc. Most pendants are also available in different finishes such as, nickel, bronze, or chrome allowing you to have consistent finishes throughout your space.

-Most important… Have fun with it!

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