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Add lighting to make your student pad sparkle

With rentals and dorm rooms, it’s always hard because you can’t really change a lot. You have to be innovative.  Students, of course, are usually on a tight budget, and decorating tips must take that into account.  Find out what kind of lighting you’ll be working with. Does your dorm have an overhead light or floor lamps? It’s typically standard for your college to supply at least one form of primary lighting, but you should count on having to purchase an accent or desk lamp of your own. Here’s another item that combines function and decoration: a lamp will come in handy when your roomies are fast asleep while you’re pulling an all-nighter, and can add a unique element to your dorm.

Good, soft lighting and task lighting are important.  The more lighting you have in key areas where you study, the better.  Just make sure that it’s not too bright and that it’s about a 30-degree angle from your books, because you don’t want it shining directly on your book or directly onto your face.

Right now is the perfect time to come into Creative Lighting and buy lamps for your dorm because we are having a “Back to School Sale”.  Come in and save 10% off all of our desk, table and floor lamps.

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