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Add Light with a Torchiere Lamp

A common problem in many homes is not having enough light, especially in the main living areas.  A very practical, and often times inexpensive solution to this problem, is making use of a torchiere lamp.

Torchiere lamps throw light up toward the ceiling allowing the light to reflect throughout the room and fill the entire space with light.  The most common way to use this type of lamp is to place one in a corner of a room which will not otherwise get adequate light, or to place one beside a couch or chair. There are a multitude of vendors  who design quality torchiere lights.  In our showroom we have designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, and prices ranging from the low hundreds to multiple thousands and everywhere in between.

If you are looking to increase your overall light level in any room of your home a torchiere may be the easiest solution to the problem.

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