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FACT: Ceiling fans keep you warm in the winter & cost less than online at Creative Lighting right now!

Well, winter time is coming. That means the cold is coming too. I don’t want to be cold, and I bet you don’t want to be either. When winter comes and you start to feel that chill come in your house  it gets into your bones to makes you achey and cold!   However, the problem is, nobody wants to crank the heat and pay the extra money and electric bill.

Did you know that ceiling fans can also help you keep warm in the winter, saving you a bit off your heating bill?

Check your fan to see if it has a switch at or near the base. Moving this switch changes the direction in which the blades rotate.

During warmer months, you should run your fan in a “forward” (counter-clockwise) direction so that it fans the air, making you feel cool. When it gets cold outside, switch the fan to the “reverse” setting so that it runs in a clockwise direction. This forces cold air upward while pushing the warm air in the room down to you. For optimal effects, set the fan to circulate at a slow speed.

Right now Creative Lighting has a coupon allowing you to save money on all ceiling fans at their store. The coupon is valid from 10-22 to 11-3 for 10% off all in-stock fans and 5% off all special order fans in-store only.  That makes prices even better than online!

Click through the picture of the coupon below to get in on this great deal.

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