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Is LED Ready for My Home?: Light Bulb Replacements

New Phillips EnduraLED 12watt Lightbulb ReplacementThe most common question I get asked regarding LED lighting is, “Can I replace my lightbulbs with LEDs ?’  This is a simple question, but requires a bit of a long-winded response.  The short answer is, Yes- LED light bulbs are ready for your home.  However, the cost of top-quality LED light bulbs that mimic incandescent bulbs can be upwards of $100 each. 


True, one can stroll down the aisle of a big-box store and find LED light bulbs for as little as $15.  These bulbs are disappointing to say the least.  If you are happy with dim, bluish light from dicey manufacturers, then these bulbs will meet your expectations.  If what you are after is crisp, white, pleasing, bright illumination, then you’ll either have to shell out the cash or wait for the next generation of LED bulbs.  This next generation of bulbs promises to bring great leaps in performance, quality and design.

Philips’ EnduraLED light bulb may just be the catalyst that the LED industry has been looking for.  Using just 12 watts, this bulb has been specifically designed to give consumers an alternate to the traditional 60-watt light bulb.  This new LED bulb will give off the same true light as the old heaters, while using 80 percent less energy and lasting 25 times as long.  Once rigorous testing is complete, we could see this bulb on store shelves as soon as the end of 2010.  Pricing has not been determined, but expect it to be much more affordable than today’s lower-performing options.

If you are an early-adopter of new technologies (i.e., you are reading this blog on your iPad), then go ahead and replace your home’s bulbs with today’s LED offerings.  If you are like me, wait a year or so until the first real knock-your-socks-off versions are rolled out.

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