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Great LED Reading Lamps on Sale Now!

LED Desk Lamp

Great New LED task and desk lamps have just arrived at Creative Lighting! A simple design, a great price, and a superior color LED make these a great way to be part of the LED revolution!

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, advantages claimed for LED light bulbs are that they do not contain mercury (unlike compact fluorescent light bulbs), that they turn on instantly, and that the lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off, so that they are well suited for light fixtures where the bulbs are frequently turned on and off. LED light bulbs are also less apt to break.

LED Floor Lamp

LED lamps have no glass tubes to break, and their internal parts are rigidly supported, making them resistant to vibration and impact. A LED light bulb can be expected to last 25–30 years under normal use. The bulbs maintain output light intensity very well over their life-times.  Creative Lighting has great prices for our LED Desk Lamp: $99.90, and our LED Floor Lamp: $129.90 (both available in Chrome or Black).  Plus, if you come in right now, you can save 10% off all our LED lamps with this coupon.

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