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The New Energy Code- what you need to know…

As of February 2015, a new energy code started being enforced in the Minnesota building industry.  It has now become mandatory that at least 75% of all lighting fixtures installed in a new construction or remodeling project shall be equipped with “high-efficiency” lamping.  Though that large percentage can seem intimidating at first, it is more achievable than you may think.  To help you get started, we have broken this definition down for you.
The new code defines a “high-efficiency” lamp as fitting within three categories:
1. A compact flourescent lamp, or CFL.
2. A T-8 (or smaller) linear flourescent lamp.
3. Any lamp meeting the following requirements-
     -A rating of 60 lumens per watt for lamps over a 40 watt rating.
     -A rating of 50 lumens per watt for lamps over a 15 watt rating- equaling no more than 40 watts.
     -A rating of 40 lumens per watt for lamps rating 15 watts or less.

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As lighting experts, we have added to our normal lamp selection to provide our customers with the appropriate options in order to be in compliance with this new energy code.  To make this transition as easy as possible, we are stocking a variety of CFL and LED lamps with standard medium based sockets, as well as wholly integrated LED recessed lighting fixtures, and LED BR bulbs– which can be used in any standard recessed lighting fixture.ARCST19__69854.1447734673.500.750
What about those early-electric, vintage, or steam-punk designer fixtures that are so popular right now, you ask?  Not to fear, we have an option available for that look, too!  Check out these LED Nostalgic lamps from DVI Lighting.  You can still create that warm low-light glow, and be energy efficient at the same time!
Visit our showroom today to check out our display, or give us a call at 651.647.0111 and let us help you get started and get energy efficient.
For more details and information about the 2015 Energy Code, click here.
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