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Diode LED: Standout in a Crowded Field

Since we look at lighting all day, we are not easily impressed with new LED offerings from our manufacturers.  Puck lights, undercabinet fixtures and LED tape lighting ( like rope lighting, but flatter!) need to give off bright, flattering illumination in order for the staff to take notice.  Everybody makes LED, but very few companies’ offerings produce high-quality light at a price that isn’t offensive.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, I was reluctant to take a look Diode LED, yet another company promising the moon.

Turns out, I was very impressed.

Orinda, California’s Diode LED (Pixar’s next door neighbor) started making LED lights for high end vehicles such as Lexus and Infiniti.  Their engineers are no strangers to crisp, white light that can be easily dimmed.  Due to customer demand, the folks at Diode have produced puck lights, tape light (dry and damp location) and low-profile undercabinet bars that are brighter than halogen but use a fraction of the energy.

While most companies emphasize the quality of the LED chip in the production of fixtures, Diode uses high-quality drivers as well.  Drivers are what regulate the voltage to the LED chips and are usually the weakest link in the installation.  Diode’s drivers are affordable but promise to be more reliable than many brands’.

We invite you to stop into our St Paul showroom where one of our lighting consultants can show you the Diode LED display.  We believe you’ll be as impressed as we are!

Refract Undercabinet LightBar

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