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Farmhouse Feelings

Farmhouse Island

Lately, I have spent many mindless hours on sites like Pinterest and Houzz searching for fresh and new design ideas.  I have been particularly enticed by a sweet little style icon known as…the farmhouse kitchen.  For many of you familiar with this trend, there are probably visions of distressed white cabinetry, subway-tiled walls, wood butcher-block counter tops, and maybe even a few old mason jar accents sprinkled about.  Though this design point of view may seem common to many, I have found a deeper love for the new lighting trends that even our most traditional of manufacturers have seemed to dip their feet into.  From weathered metal bucket-style pendants, to beautiful glass designs with old vintage-style Edison bulbs, and even the funky twist of old corrugated conduit details…yes, this trend has now become a highly demanded necessity in the lighting world.

I find myself not alone in my desire to see more of this funky fad, in fact- it seems to be one of the most asked for “looks” when helping customers at our showroom currently.  Simple, retro, throwback and even industrial- are all words used to describe what people seem to be striving for to achieve this certain “feel” for their own current remodeling or building project.  With endless lighting design options now available to us, the question being asked isn’t about wanting to see more, but rather, which one shall I choose?  Whichever you decide, be confident in knowing that your farmhouse feelings are right on trend.



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