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Trend Forecast- New Looks for the New Year

Our annual January trip to Lightovation in Dallas, Texas did not disappoint this year.  With so much continual innovation in this industry, we are always eager to view what our vendors have in store for us.  Freshly back into the frozen north, we are still warm with excitement over all of the new lighting trends we witnessed this go-around.  Here are a few of our favorite “staff pick” lighting moments from last week’s trade show.


Yes, no surprise here.  All shades of GOLD were as far as the eye could see.  Whether it was brushed, painted, distressed or used in a multi-finish combination, this favored metal hue was still standing strong.  The Zuma pendant, from Fredrick Ramond was one our team favorites this year.  Delicately detailed gold chains gracefully suspend under a bold and black geometric frame creating a stunning, sculptural fixture.  The strong gold and black color combination reeked of sophistication and modern style.  Another favorite find was within a familiar face–Crystorama’s Broche family. This series had several new pieces to excite over.  Their new wall sconce and bath vanity light additions were simply A D O R A B L E, and will be the perfect compliment to such a popular product line.


There was a thread of masculinity throughout this market release that we became particularly fond of.  Several manufacturers introduced designs that exhibited angled style-lines and armored silhouettes.   The Boulder family, from Maxim Lighting, intrigued us with its faceted spheres of faux alabaster, cradled with bold bronze and gold geometric framework.  Integrated with LED technology, these “boulders” were all aglow.  Another favorite from Maxim Lighting was the LED linear pendant from their Silhouette Collection.  The fixtures are simple and strong with their boxy black frames, but those illuminated faceted crystals take this series on an elegant journey that was refreshing to see.  Kuzco received one of our more masculine staff picks, as well, with their new Deco Pendant.  We liked the two different finish options available with this one: Vintage Brass w/ Clear Glass and Brushed Nickel w/ Smoked Glass.  It was a fresh and angled perspective that gave this pendant a modern edge.


Whimsy was to be found at lighting market this year!  Manufacturers seemed to be stepping way out of their lighting “boxes” to give us product that not only was equipped with the latest in lighting technologies, but also was playful and somewhat sculptural in appearance.  One of our favorite examples of this was with the Bottega collection from Avenue Lighting.  Almost like jewelry, these suspended LED discs were displayed in a clustered combination that was nothing short of illuminated art.  The Linear Chandelier resembles the center of a statement necklace, with five conjoined discs of varying sizes, which was extraordinary–a big lighting market “moment” for Avenue Lighting.

Vermont Modern also knocked our lighting socks off with several new releases this year, but their Unity Pendant was a clear stand-out.  A creative combination of mid-century style with a contemporary twist, this three light linear pendant was oh-so AMAZING. Innovative and unique, it displays as suspended artwork, which is exactly what we have come to love and expect from this Hubbardton Forge affiliate line.


Light Play!  One of our favorite lighting effects to discuss, “light play”, is what we refer to as the visual effect and sensation that light reflection or refraction can provide.  Yes, those shadows and patterns that your fixtures throw onto your ceiling and walls actually have an official term!  Tech Lighting stopped us in our tracks last week with their Palestra Pendant.  The embedded spiral design on its beautiful artisan glass globe worked to create a sensational light play pattern that we couldn’t stop gazing at.  The showroom display was perfect- allowing us to fully capture the effect against the blank wall that was behind it.  A memorable “market moment” for our team.

We also took delight in Murray Feiss’s LEDgend (clever title) LED outdoor wall sconce.  Both modern and dramatic, this exterior collection made a bold statement with its series of off-set structural openings, allowing light to disperse on either top or bottom of each section.  This created a light and shadow effect that was visually tantalizing, and would stand strong against any texture of exterior wall.


2018 is going to be an exciting year in illumination.  We cannot wait to incorporate these new product releases and lighting trends into our showroom in the months ahead.  Stay tuned!


PHOTO CRED: Feiss-Monte Carlo, Vermont Modern


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