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Setting the Perfect Spring Tablescape

Spring is in the air.  Well, it may be covered by a snowflake or two, but none-the-less…it is officially here!  To many of us, this long awaited for season stirs up the excitement to clean, organize, de-clutter, and celebrate.   We wander out of our mid-west winter hibernation and start actually seeing our friends and neighbors once again.  With all of the wonderful entertaining opportunities that this season provides us, I find myself always searching for fresh new ideas to use on my table.  (While I contemplate over changing my dining room chandelier- yet again!)  Whether it be for a holiday celebration, a backyard bbq, or a simple ladies luncheon, here are five tips and trends for setting your perfect Spring Tablescape.

1. CHOOSE YOUR HUE- Color is the most powerful tool when decorating.  It entices us and creates a focal for the eye.  Use your own space to inspire you, and choose a color that complements what you already have.  Powerful combinations that harmonize well together are pinks and greens, Oranges and Rosesshades of blue with yellow, purples with coral, and even turquoise with red.  Don’t be afraid to go bold, but keep it simple.  Concentrate on one or two colors and use them with your dishware, table linens, and flower arrangements.  Use what you have, and build your accent colors from there.

2. CENTER STAGE- A great centerpiece goes a long way, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Fresh flowers work great, but if it’s too early in the season for good blooms you can incorporate other items from nature into your tablescape.  Driftwood, twigs, branches, even moss and cut grasses are beautiful in the right containers.  Several small containers or vases filled with these elements look great if ran along the length of the table.  If your table is round, consider a cluster grouping of larger containers, or one big dynamic arrangement as your focal point.   Fresh is usually best, but it doesn’t always have to be flowers and greenery that steals the stage.  Clear lanterns as well as metallic containers and jars with candles inside make for beautiful centerpieces.  Beauty sometimes lies in the simplest of applications.

3. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING- No shocker here.  Spring is a great time to re-evaluate your space.  Is it time for a chandelier upgrade?  Updating your dining room fixture is one the most rewarding purchases you can make while sprucing up your home.  We live in our kitchens and dining areas.  These are fixtures we look at all day- every day, and it sets the tone for your space.  If your current light fixture doesn’t reflect your style or the rest of your home, maybe it’s time to start fresh with a new look. (And we would LOVE to help you with that!)3-Chandeliers-in-Dining-Room

4. MIX IT UP- Lively and interesting tables make for great conversation starters.  Be bold.  Get creative.  Polka dot coffee cups with striped dishes and a floral table runner…why not?  Stay within your color palette and go for it.  Think out of your own comfort zone.  Prints and patterns that you wouldn’t typically put together can surprise you, and look great.  Dare to be different.54

5. KEEP IT SIMPLE- Don’t over-do it.  If your scene is a backyard bbq with the neighbors, you don’t need to bust out the good dishes and linens.  Burlap and cotton with galvanized buckets and sunflowers will do the trick.  Use things you have on hand.  Great entertaining does not mean you have to break the bank.  A mix-match of different containers you already have can look great when paired with the right combination of elements.  Dust off those old vases from your grandmother and put them to good use!10509494_10152613336812952_1042128438867604581_n

Whatever your reason for entertaining this season, remember to have fun.  Experiment and try different things.  Your table is a great ground to do something more fashion forward or bolder than you would dare to showcase in an entire room, so don’t be afraid to be creative and let loose.



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