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Varaluz…Versatility, Sustainability and Style


Varaluz is a lighting company which Creative Lighting has supported for many years. More recently however, we have begun to feature their styles in a much more deliberate way, and for good reason! Varaluz lighting products are assembled in the Philippians where recycling is a way of life. This being the case, when you invest in a Varaluz light you are investing in a product which is made of at least 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled or reclaimed glass. Elements that are used in their glass ranges from recycled soda bottles to pearl shells.

With the heavy emphasis Varaluz places on recycled materials and sustainability, one might come to the conclusion that they lack style. Nothing can be further from the truth. The styles which Varaluz boast range in inspiration from the organic to the industrial. This being said, if you decide on a Varaluz light you can be confident you will have a fixture that is both fresh and unique.


To investigate Varaluz further please stop into our showroom where you will be able to see many of their creative and beautiful designs.


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