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Update: The Creative Lighting Mural In Progress

A very dapper Chank Diesel at work on the mural

Last week we announced that our building was going to be getting a makeover. This week the makeover is well underway.  Local font designer Chank Diesel and local artist Adam Turman have been hard at work creating amazing murals on all sides of our building.

Adam Turman added his art to the east side of the building.  It encourages visitors to keep going to the main entrance of the building with the text “Keep Riding” and an illustration of a girl riding a bike.

Full view of the Adam Turman mural

Detail of Adam Turman mural

Chank is hard a work on the facade, west side, and south side of the building.  The south side faces 94 East and greats commuters with upbeat shades of blue and the simple message, “Hi”.

The west side of the building says "Hi!"

Not only is our building starting to look classy but we think Chank looks really classy while he is painting it.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t paint in a tie and fedora.  Chank said of his outfit:

‘i find that wearing a tie not only makes me feel more like a “fine artist” but also changes the way I hold the brush. so cool that I actually have a job where I get to work with a ten-foot pole.’

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